Pan Yemen Consult

since 1995


Pan Yemen Consult is a non-governmental, privately owned development consulting firm with decades of working experience in the field of institutional development and environmental improvement. We manage the ever-growing needs of development in Yemen and we are positioned on the ground to recognize the newly emerging opportunities.

Since we started, Pan Yemen Consult has worked on the basis of two principles: participation, and practical feasibility. Pan Yemen Consult works with clients at all levels and stages, from preparing strategies to carrying out grass roots plans with local authorities and communities. We develop and implement creative strategies based firmly on practicality and an understanding of the local environment.

What sets Pan Yemen Consult apart from other development consulting firms of its size is the constantly updated pool of collective expertise formed by the consultants and specialists working with us. And our close links with universities, governmental agencies and other consulting firms enables us to augment our team when special projects require additional resources.



Mr. Abdurahman Ali Almoassib,

Executive Director

Office address:

Street No. 30 branching from

Djibouti St.

Diplomatic District

Sana’a, Republic of Yemen

Mailing address:

P.O. Box 205

Sana’a, Republic of Yemen

Contact numbers:

Mob:   +967.733.701.824

Tel:     +967.144.5324

Fax:    +967.144.5330